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Who does really awesome accessible science writing about our bodies. Her latest book is about the digestive system, and Monday, April 8, 2013, 7:30 – 9:00pm is the talk, for $5.
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It's been suggested to me that I look at temp agencies while trying to find something longer-term, and as I've never in my life used one before, I have no idea A) what to be looking for in one and B) which ones in the area are considered the Good Ones.

I don't have any particular preference for type of temping, if that matters. Probably not anything where lots of lifting of 50lbs+ is required, though; that's at my limit for lifting/carrying and then only for brief times. :P /wimp

I'm roughly downtown local, but I know how to poke at maps and use transit, so suggest away!

*goes back to poking around on Yelp*
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And this is why I keep a wall between me and any cars anytime the weather around here even *thinks* about snow.


A night photograph of a street corner on a very steep hill. There's maybe an inch of snow on the ground, and a minivan clearly lost traction on its way down the hill. It's hopped the curb and slid over a lawn. The front half has slid over the edge of a low retaining wall and the nose has impacted a tree. There's air under the front row of cabin seats.

(Thanks to [personal profile] froggy for the photo!)
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Apparently every first Wednesday of the month at 6PM at the Sorrento Hotel, there is a Silent Reading Party!
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Hey folks! [personal profile] vlion will be in Seattle on USA Thanksgiving weekend, and so we want to have a Dreamwidth meetup!

We're thinking Saturday 11/26, possibly at my place, possibly at another local's place.

Comment if you may be able to attend and would like to be involved in the more concrete planning (like timing, location, foods on offer, etc)!
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It's a little late, I know, but does anyone want to go to the Mobile Food Rodeo tomorrow (Saturday, 9/17)?

It's basically like a Bite of Seattle but food trucks only. Admission is $10 at the door (that's just admission, doesn't cover any food).

Surely we have some people here who are interested in street food? :D


Jun. 29th, 2011 03:14 pm
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The Action Pack: BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE QUOTE ALONG -- At Central Cinemas, tomorrow, 8:00pm - 10:30pm.

Unfortunately I am too busy, but I thought I'd pass it along.
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“Flux Capacitor” is a curated gallery show of high-end work by seven metalsmiths from across the US, consisting of jewelry and sculpture in the emerging genre of Steampunk.

The show will run from May 5th - 30th in Seattle, WA

It's on the third floor of the mall, suite 306 (near the Monorail station).

I ran into the curator at the U District Street Fair and she said they really just want to get the world out and start getting taken seriously as an art movement. Tell a friend or five!
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42nd University District StreetFair 2011

Saturday, May 21st from 10-7 and Sunday, 22nd from 10-6

The U District StreetFair is the kick-off event for the festival season in the Seattle region. It is the longest running street festival in the nation. Self-described as "country fair meets urban retail corridor", the StreetFair attracts 50,000 attendees and over 350 craft, food and information booths to the District on the third weekend of May each year.

Anyone else planning to go?
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Here's an interesting blog post from an economist about Seattle and its recent economic success:
As the 2010 Census rolls out, much of the attention of news organizations is focused on the continuing growth of Texas and Florida, but there is much to be learned from the less extreme, but still significant, population growth in less sunny places, like Seattle.

Seattle is one of the few large cities outside the Sun Belt that is growing more quickly than the country as a whole. The city’s growth reveals the benefits of concentrating smart people in dense cities.

Personally, I take issue with the idea that Seattle is dense (dense compared to Houston maybe), but but there are interesting points about how Seattle went from the generally poor birthplace to grunge to a fairly booming city.
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At least it wasn't my imagination! Favorite part of the article is the loving attention lavished on moss.
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Black Umbrellas
by Rick Agran

On a rainy day in Seattle stumble into any coffee shop
and look wounded by the rain.

Say Last time I was in I left my black umbrella here.
A waitress in a blue beret will pull a black umbrella

from behind the counter and surrender it to you
like a sword at your knighting.

Unlike New Englanders, she'll never ask you
to describe it, never ask what day you came in,

she's intimate with rain and its appointments.
Look positively reunited with this black umbrella

and proceed to Belltown and Pike Place.
Sip cappuccino at the Cowgirl Luncheonette on First Ave.

Visit Buster selling tin salmon silhouettes
undulant in the wind, nosing ever into the oncoming,

meandering watery worlds, like you and the black umbrella,
the one you will lose promptly at the day's end

so you can go the way you came
into the world, wet looking.
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Hey all! I was just at the bookstore with all the cats this evening (at University and NE 45th) and they are closing! Sadness. :(

They are having a 50% off sale through 3/28, and they are also selling bookshelves.

I asked- the cats are being adopted. :) Also, the one on Capitol Hill will remain open.
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[personal profile] aveleh is in our fair town and I'm taking her out for Ethiopian tomorrow. If you also want Ethiopian and to see folks, feel free to come to Tagla Cafe!

Time is a bit fuzzy still, but will be around 8:30PM or so.


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